Country of Production:  Honduras
Fillers:  Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Columbia
Binders:  Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rican, Columbia, Indonesia
Wrappers:  Honduras, Nicaragua, Cameroon, Brazilian Maduro, Dom. Rep.

While the tobacconist’s of the “World Famous” Cigar Bar prepare to visit New Orleans for their annual trade show this month I thought it a good time to revisit old friends.  Many of you have attended the stellar event with Alec Bradley Cigars back in January  and this visit will definitely exceed expectations.  We are showcasing the entire Alec Bradley line of cigars for this three hour event on August 27, from 8-11pm at our BEST pricing.  Weather you have sampled some of these delectable smokes in the past or are looking for some phenomenal values to stock your humidor, there is a Alec Bradley cigar for nearly every smoker.  Looking for a full bodied cigar?  The MaXX cigar has got you covered.  How about the 94 rated Tempus cigar, or a piece of history like the Family Blend only released for public sale in the last year?  No matter your tastes or palate the “World Famous” Cigar Bar’s highly revered staff can always make a recommendation of a drink & cigar pairing.