Country of Production:  Nicaragua
Fillers:  Nicaragua
Binders:  Nicaragua
Wrappers:  Nicaragua

This December 17th from 8-11pm, the “World Famous” Cigar Bar welcomes back the Don Pepin Garcia Cigar Company for our Holiday Cigar Party at the GulfCoastTownCenter.  If you have ever smoked a Nicaraguan cigar in the last decade, or a Cuban in the last 40 years for that matter, chances are you have smoke a few creations from cigar master Don Jose Pepin Garcia.   Several smokes come from the My Father Cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua while many still come from the El Rey De La Habanos factory in Little Havana – Miami, FL.  Don Pepin now has his son Jaime and daughter Janny working side-by-side with him in every aspect of tobacco cultivation and cigar production.  The innovations in their tobacco blending allows the Garcia family to create cigars ranging in flavor from classic Habano to new intriguing styles that could never have been created in Cuba.  Drink pairing recommendations are rums, cognacs, and cabernet wines.