Country of Manufacture:  Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
Fillers:  Dominican, Nicaraguan, Connecticut, Peruvian, Indian, Columbian
Binders:  Honduran, Camaroon, Nicaraguan, Dominican
Wrappers:  Aged Connecticut, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, Dominican

Gurkha founder Kaisad Hansotia started in his family’s luxury watch business then transitioned to the cigar industry after a trip to the Far East.  While in Goa, India on vacation Kaizad came across some Portuguese men making cigars.  After spending some time with them, he purchased their business for $143.  His intention was not to be a cigar producer but to provide cigars to friends and business associates as gifts. Soon, the requests from those friends and associates to purchase his cigars grew and Gurkha Cigars was born.

The latest additions to the Gurkha line, the Ninja and Viper, continue their tradition of exceptional cigars with a more affordable price. Cigar Aficionado recently rated the Ninja a 91 and gave the Viper an 88 (out of a possible 100).  The Ninja is a smooth and creamy medium-bodied smoke with hints of cocoa, cedar and coffee.  The Viper is a mild to medium box pressed cigar with notes of pepper and spice.

In addition to Gurkha offering these great affordable cigars, they also have the distinction of producing the world’s most expensive cigar ever made, the His Majesty’s Reserve (HMR), at $750 per cigar.  The HMR is made with premium tobaccos and infused with a shot of Louis XIII Cognac!

So no matter what you are looking for, a great affordable smoke or the ultimate in indulgence, Gurkha Cigars fit the bill!