Country of Production:  Honduras
Fillers:  Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Columbia
Binders:  Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rican, Columbia, Indonesia
Wrappers:  Honduras, Nicaragua, Cameroon, Brazilian Maduro, Dom. Rep.

This month we are featuring a new addition to the Alec Bradley line of cigars – The MAXX Connecticut.

Alan Rubin, the founder of Alec Bradley, began in the cigar industry in 1997 after previously being an importer of screws and bolts from China – not the background you would expect for a big name in the cigar industry.  Having had success with that business it allowed him to do something he loves. The company bears the names of his sons, Alec & Bradley.

Alec Bradley has several popular lines including the 94 rated Tempus, Prensado, Family Blends and the 90 rated MAXX, but recently has added a great new cigar to their line – the MAXX Connecticut.

Rubin says that the new cigar came from consumer requests to put a Connecticut wrapper on the original MAXX cigar and make it in larger ring gauges.  The new addition is blended with the same Nicaraguan, Colombian, Mexican, and Honduran longfiller tobaccos, and Costa Rican binder but has a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, which has produced a silky smooth and rich tasting cigar.

With mild cigars being a big seller in our humidors it is always exciting for us to get a great new Connecticut wrap cigar.  If you like big mild cigars then the MAXX is the one for you!