The ‘World Famous’ Cigar Bar

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The “World Famous” Cigar Bar has a long history of introducing and featuring world class spirits, fine wines and specialty beers.  We pride ourselves on our wide selection and our ‘rare finds’ and our extensive selection single malt Scotches, small batch Bourbons, Blended Irish and Canadian whiskeys along with an ample amount of cognacs.

For fifteen years, Rich Castiano has assembled the areas most professional staff and you can be assured that we are well versed and happy to provide great service and appreciation for the brands. Our team is ready to help and can suggest interesting options as they pair with our many award-winning cigars.

‘World Famous’ Cigar Bar Beverage Service includes variety of imported and craft beers, fine wines and and an extensive selection of infused vodkas, botanical gins, aged rums, 100 % agave tequilas and fine compliment of liqueurs, digestivos, aperitifs, ports, champagnes, and sherries  for your enjoyment with or without your favorite cigar.

We pour great beers on tap (as we feel they should be) such as Guinness, Smithwicks, Presidente, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams seasonal, Blue Moon and Stella Artois. 

Monthly we feature new offerings and introductions  and pay tribute to the great heritage brands at both World Famous Cigar Bar Locations.  We proudly offer our members and guests specials and offers with our loyal spirit and wine  industry partners.

World Class Spirits By Category
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